Could Prince George's Allow Liquor Sales on Sunday? on May 13, 2013
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Sunday Funday revelers may no longer have to leave Prince George's County to buy rum, tequila, vodka and other liquors on Sunday, if the county's representatives can agree on a method.

The Prince George's County delegation announced it will be launching a work group to discuss and reach a concensus on how the sale of liquor would be regulated in the county.

Currently, alcohol sales on Sundays are restricted to beer and wine stores that have licenses to be opened seven days of the week. Liquor, however, is not allowed to be sold.

Del. Melony. G. Griffith will chair the group, which will have its first meeting Tuesday, May 14 at 6 p.m. in the Media Room of the County Administration Building on Governor Oden Bowie Drive in Upper Marlboro.

"I want to thank Chair [Jolene] Ivey for the faith she has shown in me to continue this important work," Griffith said in a news release. "Every year, alcohol bills make up a majority of our local legislation. The more we can do to settle controversy and address public concern, the better."

Del. Kriselda Valderrama will serve as vice chair of the 11-member group.

Ivey also will serve as a regular member, along with:

  • Del. Dereck E. Davis
  • Del. Anne Healey
  • Del. James Hubbard
  • Del. Marvin E. Holmes
  • Del. Joseph Vallario
  • Del. Michael Vaughn
  • State Sen. Victor Ramirez
  • County Councilman Will Campos

"This has been an issue that the delegation has been dealing with for years," Ivey said. "By involving everyone, we hope to hear everyone's concerns and create a consensus we can all agree upon before the next session."

The group was announced in March after the delegate was split on a proposal that would have allowed stores to apply for permits to be open on Sundays.

In the past decade, there have been 13 different proposals, a press release from the delegation stated. Members will seek public input on the issue throughout the summer. 

Residents and other interested members of the public who wish to participate with the Alcohol Work Group are encouraged to email the delegation at

Group meetings will be announced through the delegation e-mail notification list and on thedelegation website.

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