Maryland State Education Association (MSEA)

on May 21, 2014
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The Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) has launched a great new resource: This new site is an easy-to-use, one-stop-shop for educators and voters to find the pro-public education candidates recommended by members through the rigorous endorsement process of your local association and MSEA.

When you visit, all you need to do is enter in your address and you’ll find recommended candidates for school board, county offices, the General Assembly, and governor, attorney general, and comptroller. As one of our endorsed candidates, your information will be found on the customized web ballot as well.

On the site, you’ll find lots of details about our thorough, democratic, and inclusive endorsement process, as well as many ways to save and share your personalized list of recommended candidates.

Please feel free to use this website in your campaign e-mails and other campaign activities you are engaging in. This is just one of the many resources we will have available to support you. As always, please contact Jamal Miller at, or Khalil Thompson at, if you need anything additional.

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